Electrical Appliance Industrial food waste disposer with BLDC motor 2 HP

Electrical Appliance Indus

Our industrial food waste disposer is widely used for restau...

Automotive Plastic Parts Mould Service

Automotive Plastic Parts M

Auto mold is the most important part of the cover mold. Such...

Kitchen appliances 1/2 HP food waste disposer 220V EZ mount continuous Feed

Kitchen appliances 1/2 HP

This model of kitchen food waste disposer is driven by DC mo...

kitchen utensils food waste crusher 1/2 HP with 3-bolt mount continuous Feed

kitchen utensils food wast

Our DSM series model of disposals is different from our B se...

home appliances garbage disposal unit 1/2 hp 110V 1200ML with AC motor

home appliances garbage di

DSB390 home appliances kitchen garbage disposal unit armed w...

kitchen tools food waste grinder 3/4 HP with Auto reverse 220V batch feed type

kitchen tools food waste g

DSW-560 food waste grinder machine is a luxury model of our ...

Kitchen sink waste disposer 3/4 hp with BLDC motor adjustable grinding speed

Kitchen sink waste dispose

DSHZ-560 kitchen sink waste disposer comes with a quiet BLDC...

home electrical appliances food waste shredder 1 HP AC motor with air switch

home electrical appliances

This model of DSB-750 food waste shredder equipped with a 75...

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