Food waste disposers,3-Bolt and EZ Mount,which is better?

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kitchen waste disposers have 2 kinds of mounting ways: EZ mount and 3 bolts mount. If you had one food waste disposer installed in your home, the probability your disposer machine which uses a 3-bolt mount system is close to 100%.Nowadays, kitchen waste disposals of Waste King brand use both of 3-bolt mount and EZ mount while the other brand  InSinkErator,it only makes the EZ mount style that they call “Quick Lock Sink Mount”.so our company's garbage disposals,we also adopt both these 2 types of 3-Bolt and EZ Mount.

What are the main difference between the 2 types of EZ-Mount and 3-Bold Mount waste food disposals?
2 main points will explain this difference:
Firstly,the mounting components are different. An EZ-Mount mounting components are aluminum and a 3-Bolt Mount
mounting components are stainless steel.
But our kitchen food waste disposer EZ Mount and 3-Bold Mount components,its materials are different.
our EZ-mount is plastic, while 3-bolt mount is stainless steel 201.
Secondly, is the splashguard/hush cushion. An EZ-Mount has a removable splash guard while a 3-Bolt Mount has a hush
cushion which is built into the mounting assembly. Regard of motor and performance, there is no difference between these 2 types of disposers .
Regarding of the installation, you may think that the EZ mounting is much easier to install in most time. But
actually, both the 3-bolt and EZ mount types are easy enough for the person whom even has not much experience to
install the kitchen waste disposer. The only difference is that EZ mount type food waste disposers just needs a few
steps to finished installation. But you’re only going to be doing the installation once so don’t let it waste your
much time to make choice for which type you should choose. Instead, you should think about your preferences for
aluminum/stainless steel or other even better .
And last, it seems like that the EZ mount is easy for us to clean.


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