Dengshang had finished the 122nd Canton fair,gaining a fruitful result

Dengshang,A company that manufacture kitchen food waste disposer,home oil press,home dehumidifiers. During that phase (15th- 19th Oct), we mainly present our food waste disposers, classic models and new coming models. We also brought our home oil press machine

This 122nd Canton fair brought us a new thought about our products in the market. Many foreign guests asked us for our food waste disposer machine,and were interested with our company. We exchanged our ideas about this product, and hoped would be become partners in the future.

Food waste disposer is a new environment-friendly products that helps you to manage these food garbage at home or restaurant. As you know, managing garbage is a big problem for government,each day, we may produce variety of garbage,like residential and industrial waste. And not all these types of garbage can be tackled, we do not have ways to reduce the industrial garbage, but we can get something to do about our daily food waste. Food waste can be crushed in to tiny particles and dried,then we can reuse it for composting,and feed the crops in the farm.

In this Canton fair, we also had some our old loyal customers visited our Booth Room. We discussed problem that now exists and new ideas about products should be upgraded.

We were happy that we had gained so many focus on our food waste disposer machine.

Following are these part of this exhibition pictures:

our European customer discussed about new ideas about food waste disposer

Our European customer discussed new ideas  about  food waste disposers

Discussing new ways to promote our new commercial garbage disposal in the market

Discussing new ways to promote our new industrial garbage disposal in the market

Introduce our food waste disposers to new customers

Introduce our food waste disposals to these interested customers

Explaining new features about new model food waste disposers

Explaining and demonstrating new features about our new model of food waste disposers


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